Conexo, Convexo, Côncavo di Marco Fedele di Catrano – 20 giugno Escola Das Artes, Lisbona

Conexo, Convexo, Côncavo di Marco Fedele di Catrano

20 giugno 2024 –  Escola Das Artes, Lisbona


Escola das Artes will host the exhibition “Conexo, Convexo, Concavo”, by Marco Fedele di Catrano, which opens on June 20th, Thursday. From changes site-specific, Catrano’s work explores the relationship between industrial architecture and its sculptural pieces, some of which are produced from industrialized objects, creating dynamics and renewed perceptions of space and objects.

Installation-based, the exhibition includes several works on different supports. series in works “Untitled#” part of bags in supermarket banal in big ones commercial chainsVirados of inside outthe bags revelam to the your structures fibrous intertwinedDeconstructed through from the removal partial of your seamsbecomethe source of one image negative molded as one relief resin acrylicCombined It is sealed through in one process temporal of resin several layersthose becomeup to presence of the bags at your absence physicalThe pArt of the bagswithdrawals after O moldhe leavesm yet some trace elements. Thus, the work addresses  he wants O object It is material industrial, globally patternOnizedhe wants Os finishings in handinconstructions cheapTogether to the handrail, one model represents The constructions “Rising Reversed” It is it is in relationship antithetical with The convexity from the clarabOia, now covered with a pinkish vinylTo the same time, you two spaces matchup. 

Marco Fedele di Catrano is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose different creative practices aim to bridge the gap between art and society. His work in the areas of installation, sculpture, photography and video is characterized by an intuitive handling of materials, objects and spaces. Among other venues, Catrano has exhibited at the Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona), CII Fabrika (Moscow), Ekaterina Cultural Foundation (Moscow), Haus fur Kunst Uri (Altdorf), la rada (Locarno), Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich), Museo Maga ( Gallarate), Museum Mestna Galerija (Lubiana), RAM radioartemobile (Rome), Gallery Mario Iannelli (Berlin), Kunstmuseum Thun (Thun), American Academy (Rome), WUK (Vienna) and Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow). He participated in the parallel program of the 54th Venice Biennale with “Extroversion”, a project by Franz West, and also participated in the Venice Architecture Biennale, in 2010, with the “Epicentro” project. He won the Swiss Federal Prize for Visual Art “Swiss Art Awards 2013”.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on June 20th, Thursday, from 6pm, at the Escola das Artes, in Campo de Ourique, and entry is free.

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