Alvin Curran

16/01/2005 - 01/03/2005

Alvin Curran MUSIC OUTSIDE THE CONCERT HALLS PROJECT WITH IMAGINES by Domenico Sciajno Born in Italy, but almost unknown here, are a large number of sound-installations which he has been making for over 25 years. Music Outside the Concert Halls is the title of an informal presentation in which he described the making of sound-events in “natural-theaters” such as ports, caves, valleys, lakes, rivers, castles, trees, monumental steps, public gardens, entire opera houses, the radio, the WorldWideWeb, where architecture, nature, landscape, the environment, the weather – our entire visual world together with its endless symphonies of noises, becomes a single interchangeable reality. In addition he included works from a thematic series of sound-portraits on people, those of John Cage and Achille Bonito-Oliva. He presented these works chronologically, accompanied by slide projections and relevant recordings. The theme of the “liberated” concert hall is a very relevant one just now, when there is an urgent need to define what the internet might offer as a future form of concert space and the possible new musics appropriate for it or inspired by it. Curran said “Noise is one of the most vital aspects of music and the visual arts today”.

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