La Seduzione del Luogo

05/11/2007 - 30/12/2007

Presentation of the book of Zerynthia
La Seduzione del Luogo
Exhibition 3500 cm2 art poster
project curated by Lorenzo Benedetti in collaboration with RAM

3500 cm2 refers to the dimensions of a poster at the disposition of an artist to create an artwork. The project, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, was originally developed for Blueroom, a music and art event that takes place every Saturday evening at the Rialto Santambrogio, Rome. Several hundred copies of the poster, distributed free of charge to the event’s public, are thus diffused throughout the city, continually creating new “spectators/collectors” of art.

The public of Blueroom is mixed, and members of the art world unite with many other people that do not typically frequent the artistic circuit. 3500 cm2 thus becomes a possibility of diffusing art through an alternative space. The project develops in two coordinates: uniqueness (a work created specifically by the artist for the occasion) and repetition (multiplying the work for everyone who attends the event). Therefore, on the one hand, the poster it is a mass object that diffuses an image, and on the other it is an artist’s edition. 3500 cm2 is an alternative way of constructing a cultural platform that amplifies the communicative possibilities of art. It is a different form of interaction between the artist and public.

The power of communication is at the disposition of the creative strength of the artist: a very important combination in this socio-historical period, so full of information but devoid of cultural meanings which could balance the energy of the means of communication. 3500 cm2 is a modular project that can be adapted and developed in different situations. The singular important aim is to constantly create a dialogue with the public.

There have been until now several exhibition of 3500 cm2 Assab One Milan 2006; American Academy Rome 2006; 27th Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana 2007