Love Difference Live

11/03/2005 - 30/05/2005

 The name of the live broadcast Love Difference, refers to the Movimento Artistico per una Politica InterMediterranea (Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Programme), started in Biella in 2002 within the Cittadellarte Planning Bureau – Pistoletto Foundation "in order to gather people and institutions belonging to the Medeterranean Areas that intend to create new prospects able to overcome the tragic clash between cultural differences". Michelangelo Pistoletto, Achile Bonito Oliva, Teresa Macrì, Alfredo Pirri e Paolo Naldini from Rome, have been talking about some of the subjects highlighted by the project Love Difference: -the connection between arts and politics. -the Mediterranean as the emblematic place of clashes and conflicts but also, and firstly, the place where different cultures interchange and combine. -the meaning and the modern quality of the word "love".

Participating by phone: from Palermo (Paolo Falcone) from Tel Aviv (Idit Porat) from Sarajevo (Asia Mandic), from Tunis (Filippo Fabbrica) and from Cairo (Sara Rifky). Conducted by Cecilia Casorati

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