Mi meraviglio di me

29/02/2008 - 30/04/2008

On Friday 29th of February 2008 at 7pm, in the context of the project ‘forma e suono’ (form and sound), RAM radioartemobile presents getulio alviani and Gianna Nannini, both highly successful artists in the world of visual art and music respectively. Together they have created ‘mi meraviglio di me’ to be shown in the space of bunKerat in Milan.

In this collaboration between getulio alviani and Gianna Nannini, they question us and each other about the parameters and the expressive relationships between form and sound, between material and abstraction with subtle values, which are surprisingly linguistically similar since both are clear and primary.


In the empty extension of bunKerart, suspended at the height of the human eye, the work of getulio alviani ‘interrelazione speculare, concavo = convesso’ shows (with 6 semicilindrical, alluminium, mirrored shapes) a longitudinal, balanced path which is, at the same time, a contrast between full and empty, concave and convex. The visual structure is receptive to light which, through the movement of the spectator, transforms and combines in diverse images. Alviani’s work also probes sound which, in its vibrating materiality, finding the best relationship with light.


Gianna Nannini immerses herself in the work of alviani reapplying the substance of the dialogue through the superimposition of a ‘doppiovocale’. Indeed, at the opposite poles of the work, two separate sound sources reproduce themselves, on one side a song from the Himba – a group of Nomads from the area of North Namibia to the confines of Angola – and from the other side the voice of Nannini. For the mono-modality of the two sounds, the voices are pushed horizontally and converge in their own sound which finds, in the work of alviani, a perfect channel of amplification.


The work of getulio alviani, free from any metaphorical or misleading meaning, is based on oppositions and inversions but, at the same time, on equalization, on a practical and concrete level, that regards the work. Gianna Nannini translates the feeling into music and experiments the dialectic on an anthropological level.


soundesign Dave M. Allen


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