Carla Accardi. Space, Rhythm and Colour

01/12/2010 - 27/02/2010



cureted by Pier Paolo Pancotto



Carla Accardi. Space, rhythm and colour compares old works to those that are more recent, showing that what characterises what the artist has been searching for since her debut, is both enduring and coherent. In essence, the examples of work on show reflect the sixty year-long career of an artist who chose to live and work in Rome.

The works all come from her personal archives and many are on show for the very first time. They are not being exhibited in chronological order, but rather as a sizeable installation, as if in an artist’s studio, a sort of hypothetical “Accardi room” in which both free associations and points in common are discernable.

It is a choice that underlines the sense of continuity that is inherent in all that Accardi has produced and what is more, bears witness to one of the more particular consequences of her search: the environmental factor. This is highlighted by the order in which pieces have been displayed, aimed at underlining the themes and recurring elements in her pictorial alphabet. Amongst the works on show, the ground floor of the Museum plays host to the “Pavement” created specially for the occasion, along with “Sheets”, and a few pieces that interact with light and sound, whilst “Ceramics” line the stairs to the first floor. There, the display pivots around a selection of precious papers on show here for the first time ever, all created on different dates and with different techniques and arranged in an untraditional manner.


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