H.H. Lim Daily Music

12/07/2012 - 12/09/2012

H.H. Lim

Daily Music

curated by Guo Xiaoyan

at Izu Zone Fine Arts

Opening: 11th July at 6.00 pm

in collaboration with RAM radioartemobile

H.H. Lim is an artist who lived in Rome, Italy for more than thirty (30) years. He will be producing his first solo exhibition “Daily Music” which will be held in his hometown, Penang, Malaysia on 11th July 2012  at Izu Zone Fine Arts.


This is Lim’s long-term artistic research program, a “Live Performance” of domesticated family daily lives. The underlying purpose of the performance is to encourage the audience to observe our daily lives. As such, his theme was derived from daily experiences and the record of daily sounds and rhythms of life. This was then compiled into a series of memory. The aim of the “Live Performance” is to exemplify the demands and desires of the consumer culture through goods, images and texts depicting the daily state of excessive consumption of goods. It acts as a diary, illustrating daily life with a specific focus in  questioning and reflecting upon the issues of this era.


Lim’s main creative works consists of conceptual art, including paintings, installations, performance art, recorded video and sound. His creations touched upon daily life and the topics associated with it. Through his perspective and through various creative medias, his works touched upon the reality and daily life.


Lim’s work of art via communication through sign language discusses about how people should settle down and get on with one’s pursuit from consumerism, social issues and memories. Introspective, life is full of wisdom to comprehend and being humorous. His works of art continuously transform. Through these visual arts, he wants to present his perspective of the world’s outlook to the responding audiences.


Amongst others, two (2) videos will be shown at this exhibition:-


Firstly, " World Daily Music” will be reflected through musical instruments and continuous broadcast of international news on global TV channels / serve to exhibit daily life.


Secondly, “Giving the Junks a New Lease of Life” will reveal how junks are sold at a weekend bazaar. The sound from the accumulation of junks sounds like a monument.


Continuing with the style of "Gone with the Wind", the center of the “Daily Music” exhibition is composed of several fans situated at various heights. In one corner, there is an area awaiting for the accumulation and collection of junks. In another corner, four paintings of helicopters are hanging on the wall. The helicopters at various heights operate to represent different perspectives of life. This allows the audience to reflect upon the importance of giving the junks a new lease of life by converting and defining them into works of art.


Lim’s exposure to both Eastern and Western cultures has influenced his way of thinking. His creativity is not limited to semantics, rather it focuses upon the significance of creating arts.


Co-organized by Ram Radioartemobile, Rome, this art exhibition will gather the strength of arts community in Malaysia, China and Italy. “Daily Music” is also part of “Gone with the Wind” exhibition in Beijing focusing on the topic of consumerism. Hopefully, this will give Malaysian art enthusiasts a new revolutionary experience.




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