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         National Institute of Architecture






 29th AUGUST 2010 – 21ST  NOVEMBER 2010


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Artists of International acclaim – Vito Acconci, Jimmie Durham, Alberto Garutti; H.H.Lim; Michelangelo Pistoletto and Annie Ratti  – have been called upon to reflect on the use of sound as an architectural element, as a space-defining instrument, through a piece which RAMradioartemobile will present in IN/ARCH pavilion entitled INTEGRATED ARCHITECTURE project and enterprise: a strategic alliance for quality.


Founded in 1958 by Bruno Zevi, IN/ARCH has become a mouth-piece for a clear message aimed at solidity, industry and creativity as well as the added value of society: in order to attain quality, he who constructs requires a strategy which is strong and creative; he who strategizes requires an construction industry which is competitive and efficient.


Each proposed work within Sounds of Architectural can be read as an object hence a structural element, in architectural terms, but above all as a vehicle for spiritual values which can ennoble the architecture/enterprise binomial:

Architects meeting artists, both in the planning and realization phases, for a critical and constructive exchange; different points of view that jump at the challenge of reaching a common result.


The meeting will be recorded and broadcast on line by RAM LIVE

RAM LIVE is connoted as a space for sound art with international resonance with the interdisciplinary aims of creating a network and of experimentation, achieved through a selection and remix of interviews, debates, historical recordings and contemporary music.





Vito Acconci  Antartica, for your Ears Only, 2004-2010, 6′ 28”

Passages from a series of architectural proposals expressed only by voice.

Sound matter is treated as an element that is capable of working cognitively on the individual during the experience of listening.


Jimmie Durham Grunewald, 2006 (excerpt)

German Forest Rock Epic: in collaboration with Maria Thereza Alves and with former students and friends.

This piece was realized in front of Durham’s former Studio in GrunewaldBerlin, built in 1940 by Adolf Hitler in homage to his favourite sculptor Arno Breker 


Alberto Garutti Dedicato alle ragazze e ai ragazzi che in questa sala hanno ballato, 2000 (excerpt)

The piece created for the Sala del Principe in the Doria Pamphilj Palace in Valmontone is inspired by that space in which, following the bombings of the town during the Second World War, many townsfolk who had lost their homes came to find shelter. Listening once more to the songs of the period has allowed the citizens to immerse themselves in their memory.


H.H.Lim Daily music, 2010 (excerpt)

“I am amazed by the thousands of visual images that become soundtrack via everyday TV zapping. Inevitably this blend of sounds is absorbed by the mind and is transformed into a kind of daily music which is archived and is deeply engraved into our memory.”


Michelangelo Pistoletto Chi sei tu?, 1976 (excerpt)

Chi sei tu? (Who Are You?) is a 22 minute audio track in which Michelangelo Pistoletto lists countless nations stating “I am not French, I am not Indonesian, I am not Kazakh, I am not Argentine…”

With this sound art piece the artist initiates a fundamental discussion on the cultural identity and social responsibility of each individual.


Annie Ratti Columbia Market London 24 November 2002 (excerpt)

This piece is a recording of various voices at the Columbia Market, a market in East London open on Sunday morning that sells flowers, plants and ceramics made in the adjacent furnaces. The repeated phrases and overlaying voices create a sonority in which words lose their meaning and become pure sound.

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