Airborne (1909/1999)

Peter Cusack
2' 00"
Info brano:
Re-recorded under the railway arch at Walthamstow Marsh, East London, where A.V. Roe built the triplane which made the UK's first powered flight (1909), this is a processed Thurston Moore guitar fragment playing on a small ghettoblaster. The acoustic and
Track 15 del CD "TRACE, A Collection of Artists' Soundworks" (T.T. 140' 00"), 1999 Audio Research Editions. Devised and Curated by Colin Fallows. All rights to the soundworks remain with the individual artists.
Informazioni tecniche:
Peter Cusack is a sound artist/recordist and musician with special interests in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. Current activities range from song writing, through improvised music, to research on how sound contributes to our sense(s) of place and recording projects which document areas of special sonic interest - most recently Lake Baikal, Siberia, and the Azerbaijan oil fields. He is particularly interested in global patterns of sonic change created by migrations of people who make and create them and by new technologies. In 1998 he initiated the on-going 'Your Favourite London Sound' project, which aims to find out what Londoners find positive in their city's soundscape. Currently he is involved in 'Sound & the City' the British Council's sound art project for Beijing, October 2005. Active as a performer he has played 100s of concerts at home and abroad. Musical collaborators include Clive Bell, Nic Collins, Alterations, Chris Cutler, Max Eastley, Evan Parker, Hugh Davies, Annette Krebs and Viv Corringham. He was a founder member, and director, of the London Musicians Collective and frequently collaborates with artists in other fields, especially film/video, installation and 'public art'. In collaboration with Isobel Clouter he produces 'Vermilion Sounds' , a monthly radio series on environmental sound for Resonance FM, London, now approaching 50 shows.

CFR. nn. Arch. 183.14, 185.17
TRACE is a limited edition collection of two-minute pieces by international sound artists, experimental composers, noise makers and other audio creators. Each artist has produced an original recording of two-minute duration for the CD on the theme of TRACE.
TRACE greated an opportunity for a selection of international sound artists to work thematically, as well as providing listeners with further insight into the artists work.
By bringing together this calibre and range of contributions, TRACE aims to stimulate further interest in the practice, debate and dialogue surrounding sound art. The artista on TRACE range from well known world figures, to individuals and groups making their first wirks in this field.

TRACE was published thanks to a research award from the Centre for Art International Research (CAIR).