Between Times

Mr. Campbell
Mr. Whiteread
1' 00"
Info brano:
Between Times is based on an atmos recording taken during the early hours of the year. With the addition of chiper drones, voice and metronome, it attempts to mark a sense of absence and inertia. A stillness before the journey starts.
Track 9 del CD "ZERO, A Collection of Minute Soundworks" (T.T. 46' 00"), 2000 Audio Research Edition
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John J. Campbell is an artist and musician whose work encompasses a number of disciplines including: site specific gallery installation, electronic soundworks and group performance. He has published work nationally and internationally under his own name and various group names including It’s Immaterial for over twenty-five years. He has produced gallery based installations such as: Baby 96 (1996) for the Live from the Vinyl Junkyard (1996-1997) group show at the Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool; and for Two Seconds Nine Months (1996) at the Bankside Gallery London. He has also contributed soundworks to the Audio Research Editions CDs: Hope (1998, ARE) as part of the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA98); Trace (1999, ARE) as part of the first Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art; and Zero (2000, ARE) as part of Video Positive 2000 festival. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Whitehead, both residents in Liverpool, are long time collaborators. Over the years and under the monicker of, It's Immaterial, producing an eclectic body of audiovisual work. Notedly the CD's "Life's Hard" and "Song".

Cfr. nn. Arch. 183.9, 184.12 ZERO is a limited edition collection of one-minute soundworks by international sound artists, experimental composers, noise makers and other audio creators. Contributors were invited to create an original recording of one-minute duration for the CD on the theme of ZERO – whether through their stripped-down, low-tech aesthetic or a focus on themes of absence, abstraction, distortion or a sense of thereshold between one state and another. The CD contains a broad variety of one-minute soundworks and presents the results of artists working thematically in chance juxtaposition. By bringing together this calibre and range of contributions, ZETRO aims to stimulate further interest in the artist work and practice, debate and dialogue surrounding sound art. The artists on ZERO range from well known world figures, to individuals and groups making their first wirks in this field. ZERO was commisioned by the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) and was published with the support from Liverpool Art School.