Zerynthia, Contemporary Art Association

Zerynthia, Contemporary Art Association, based in Rome and Milan, founded in 1991 and from 2015 registered as an O.D.V. (voluntary organisation), curates, promotes and organises contemporary art events in Italy and abroad with the aim of pushing the boundaries towards the fruition of art, always experimenting with new methods.

It presents itself as a light and flexible structure capable of acting as a complementary model to institutional cultural structures. It collaborates with companies – both public and private – interested in integrating with contemporary art, seeing it as a vector of development and cultural enrichment.

In line with its nature as a promoter of art, it organises meetings, conventions, and study seminars, also carrying out intense didactic activity.

The numerous events organised and curated by Zerynthia have been the starting point of researches and enduring exchanges between artists and between the organisations involved.

It maintains a steady collaboration with RAM radioartemobile and RAM LIVE, a web radio dedicated to contemporary art, in live streaming 24 hours a day.

Zerynthia publishes catalogues and books as well as producing editions with artists.

The President of Zerynthia is Mario Pieroni.

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