“Gridlines” | Künstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 08.03.2024

“Gridlines”_Künstquartier Bethanien, Berlin_08.03.2024

Opening: Tomorrow, 18:00 – 21:00
8 Mar 2024 – 10 Mar 2024
Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Berlin, Germany

The dichotomies of life make up the grid of the universe. Group exhibition curated by Martim Brion

Interconnectivity, network, connections, web, links, all words which are used in various ways, mainly applied to technology, but all stem from society, from human connection, which then leads to myriads of other options, degrees out of humanity, but based on us. All we do stems from us, there is an impossibility of being the other.

These connections are thoroughly analysed and dissected in art and art speech, it’s a mirror/reflection of society as a whole. A small filter which reflects what is valued, interesting, desired, used, abused, sold, etc, in society. Gridlines vies to present a micro cosmos of these relations/views, what connects, what repels, what goes against, does it fit together or not? All questions which are raised when so many works under the same format are brought together and organised/displayed in a seemingly thoughtful/rational manner.

It is not automatism, things do not sprout out of the subconscious, it’s a joining together of various ways of thought and approaches to artistic practice. It is controlled chaos. It is not a “between the lines” à Lewitt*, it is about the lines themselves, the lines that make up these artistic approaches and personal thoughts, which mirror human interaction. However, as it is a controlled approach, since there are restrictions on work size and medium, it is a partial reflection, it is just a sample, as everything we do and see, it is just part of a wider more complex whole, which we can just try to fathom.

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