Sally Silvers & Dancers Pandora’s New Cake Stain / 40th Anniversary Season!

Sally Silvers & Dancers
Pandora’s New Cake Stain /
40th Anniversary Season!
509 Atlantic Avenue at 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

DANCERS: Bria Bacon, Brandon Collwes, Ben Freedman, Burr Johnson, Koosil-ja (reprising her original role), Cori Kresge, Benedict Nguyen, Rafael Cañals Peréz, Myssi Robinson, Andy Santana, Melissa Toogood (on video), S. C. Lucier (Stage Manager on skates), w/cameos from the original cast: Seán Curran, Kate Gyllenhaal, Phillip Karg, Alison Salzinger, Laura Staton, Sally Silvers.
LIVE MUSIC: Bruce Andrews with Michael Schumacher
VIDEO & SCENIC DESIGN: Ursula Scherrer
LIGHTS: Kathryn Kaufmann
COSTUMES: Silvers and Elizabeth Hope Clancy
Celebrating her 40th anniversary season, choreographer Sally Silvers revives and reimagines her first evening-length, breakthrough work from 1996, Pandora’s Cake Stain. Assembling all-star performers with cameos from the original cast, Silvers ricochets through a fractured scenario, inspired by Alban Berg’s 1935 opera, Lulu, which was based on Pandora’s Box, a play by Frank Wedekind. The opera spins the tale of Lulu, a mysterious young woman in a downward spiral from Viennese well-kept mistress to London street walker gutted by Jack the Ripper. In Silvers’s updated dance opera, Pandora’s New Cake Stain, Lulu time travels with a genre-bending feast of movement, theater action, music, and video with all the women playing a fictional Lulu who meets up in Mexico with the real-life Italian photographer, Tina Modotti. They dance to Mexican music, invent synchronized abstractions as science experiments, go for a swim and revel in “Girlkultur” lyric zaniness. Their “science projects” are their joint inventions for a social future; their swim plays up a female-centered physicality. Movement and mood encompass the tragedy and relationship conflicts in Lulu and also its circus-y burlesques, with dancing as a near-surrealistic stream-of-consciousness.

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