Art Moscow Fair 2007

15/05/2007 - 20/05/2007

 RAM radioartemobile is pleased to present Sound and Vision: an exhibition, held at the Art Moscow Fair / May 15-20, which continues the research and fusion of sound and visual art.

 The space of RAM – in Rome and elsewhere – promotes exhibitions of visual artists who have a connection to the extremely vast universe of sound. This path, characterised by different themes and languages, creates dialectic between image and sound.

… until today in classic Rome, in the infinite world of sound, by nature free from every solidity, audio opens itself towards the space and fills it with vibrations – the sound environment lives around its invisible identity that determines its confines in the expanse in which it finds itself. The problem is where to position sound in the space dedicated to art, and by means of the air waves this SoundArtMuseum gives concrete form to ideas and images… (Getulio Alviani)

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