Editing projects

21/04/2007 - 23/04/2007

Editing is a journey that possesses an organic, intentionally open identity; it is a non-programmed montage, a project that side steps predefined orders and structures, reflecting upon the methods and construction of contemporary thought.

Editing began as a meeting of twelve countries of Central and Eastern Europe – Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia – in Gorizia in October 2005. It was then a book (2006) which gathered the research, journeys, and choices of the protagonists of that meeting. Four workshops followed during which the artists of the different countries listened to and lived the city for a brief period. Editing is now the presentation of the projects conceived during the stay in Gorizia.

The artists that participated in the workshops – Vladimir Peric, Petar Mircovic, Unz, PH.ON, Vesna Bukovec, Metka Zupanic, Lada Cerar, Vlad Nanca, Dorota Kenderova, Martin Piacek, Tanja Dabo, Antun Bozicevic, Kosta Tonev, Hainalka Bessenyei – planned new perceptions of the city, imagining common lands.

The centre can be found at the border” is the title of the text that was co-authored and published in the book in 2006. An apparent contradiction in terms, it represents the synthesis of thoughts and discussions, generated by a reflection on the city that hosted the various phases of the project, which led us (together with Giovanni Iovane) to Editing.

After the destruction of the wall that had for decades disfigured the territory and reaffirmed daily the negative nature of the confine, Gorizia (re)became a city of transit, of innocuous invasion and exchange. A place in which the border is not the limit but the hinge, the connecting point between ideas, cultures and different experiences. Or, as we wrote in the previous text: “the confine is a characterising element of the city and, therefore, the key point of a project that wants to focus on the concept of division as a possibility to construct new combinations in the panorama of international contemporary art.”

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