Promemoria III Emilio Prini

20/06/2013 - 20/07/2013



Emilio Prini

Galleria Pieroni, Rome

26 May 1980



RAM radioartemobile – Via Conte Verde 15, Rome


Opening wednesday June 19th at 19 p.m. 

until July 20th 2013


RAM radioartemobile continues its research with the series of exhibitions entitled PROMEMORIA, now at its third edition. With this project RAM intends to expand the concept of “exhibition”, revealing little by little the fragments of memory that have made history on specific occasions distant in time.

The device works like a time machine: the passage is light, winding and insinuating. For those who have already experienced that moment, this is a dialogue with one’s own memory, for hose who haven’t, this can instead be the occasion to create a new memory.

In this light, memory is the generator of a renewed vision that favours multiple directions with a sole directive. The project this time pits itself against an artist that on May 26th 1980 exhibited at the Pieroni Gallery in Via Panisperna: Emilio Prini one of the major representatives of Arte Povera.

Shown at the exhibition are the invite, the text by Achille Bonito Oliva and two photos documenting the artist’s exhibition at the Pieroni Gallery in Rome in 1980 which will subsequently be enlarged to life-size proportions.

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