Superficie in ceramica

22/10/2007 - 22/12/2007

The work, created on purpose for the exhibition, brings visive art and sound together. Abstraction, intended as a formal process, is the shared element of the two interventions in the Sound and Shape project. Carla Accardi, one of the Italian greatest representatives of abstract art, since Forma 1 (1947) till today, has constantly carried out work of innovation and research that has made her one of the most important figures of Italian art in the world. “In art only traditional reality and inventiveness of the pure shape exist. Paintings, sculptures present as media of expression the plastic masses whose purpose is the harmony of pure shapes.” The horizontal level of the floor traditionally explored by American Action Painting artists, today has become the site of the signs with the work “Superficie in ceramica”. Gianna Nannini has tackled her career with the same determination, always experiencing new languages and sounds, becoming the icon of Italian rock music. “Passi di Passaggio” spells a constant, nearly obsessive rhythmic time, giving the sound an abstract vision. That sound vibrates on the horizontal level and automatically generates a double female dialogue between sound and image. Running together with the exhibition organized by RAM at bunKerart, it has been a personal exhibition of Carla Accardi at the Galleria Seno in Milan in which the artist will exhibit paintings produced for the occasion. Many thanks to the sponsor Ideare srl, allestimenti e organizzazione fiere

Ideare srl