22/07/1995 - 28/09/1996


Within the limits of Accumulazioni the works converse with the setting in which they are placed, and, ideally with all the other works which have come before. Although Accumulazioni  had its first showing at Paliano, probably the best place in which to verify the dialogue in a sound way and with the help of tradition, is the Palazzo Lantieri in Gorizia, thanks to its rich historical heritage, with which interaction can take place. The locations devised for the various stages of Accumulazioni blossom in selected environments, entering into a profound fusion and productivity with the pre-existing setting. The works present themselves in no way subject to the  history and the environment which welcome them.

Once the question of  adapting it  to the surrounding décor has been overcome, the taste for complexity and for depth in art reasserts itself in the setting up of a work. The position of  the artists faced with the situation they must accept, goes from a dialogue with the past to open derision, with works which adore blending in perfectly with their placing, to others which manifestly attest their outright objection. The viewer is called upon to formulate a double consideration: on the work and on the dialogue this has with the environment.

Participants: Accumulazioni 22 July 1995 : Jan Dibbets, Sol LeWitt, Mario Merz Accumulazioni 13 July – 28 September 1996 : Marco Bagnoli, Jan Dibbets, Günther Förg, Mario Merz. Accumulazioni 29 January 2005 : Domenico Bianchi, Günther Förg, Mario Merz Accumulazioni 9 October 2005: Jan Fabre, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Franz West – Heimo Zobernig -Zlatan Vukosavljevic

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