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No Man’s Land

Cover book by Yona Friedman


“No Man’s Land” is an artist’s book by Yona Friedman, printed in limited edition of 1000.
The volume gathers images from several projects conceived by him with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle including “La Montagne De Venise” in Venice, “No Man’s City” in Alghero and “No Man’s Land”  in Loreto Aprutino along with texts and drawings. The 121 pages are a flow of photos of the structures and of their realization done with students from different Universities and Academies and moments captured from the flash-mobs improvised by Friedman himself teaching children, students and anyone curious about the basics of people’s architecture. Mobile structures representing the concepts of autonomy, sustainability, adaptability, self-organization, self-planning.

Above all Yona Friedman’s work and thinking is processual, working in fact on the basis of a trajectory in continuous growth and evolution, comprising the experience and contribution of every single person taking part in the process. This empirical approach can lead to a personal and collective transformation subjected to an infinite number of unpredictable variables: people, context and cultural environment together with imagination are factors that characterize each project as unique and unrepeatable.

This book is the first publication of No Man’s Land Foundation. Yona Friedman is the philosophical reference of the Foundation, of which he is Honorary President.
No Man’s Land Foundation is a model for social and ethical change aiming to cancel the idea of property, a project repeatable in any place in the world. No Man’s Land is a gift that art offers to all. Following Friedman’s philosophy the ones participating to the projects enrich an open dialogue through artistic interactions and interventions sharing ideas, needs and thoughts.

Rilegatura flessibile: 121 pagine

Editore: Di Paolo Edizioni; Limited Edition – 1000 copies edizione (2018)

Lingua: Inglese

ISBN-10: 8897676146

ISBN-13: 978-8897676140


Cover volume Galleria Pieroni

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Foto, progetti, schizzi, quotidiani e documenti originali testimoniano in ordine cronologico i progetti realizzati da Mario Pieroni fino al 1978 a Pescara e insieme a Dora Stiefelmeier dal 1979 in poi a Roma:

Quindi dalla ideazione di Getulio Alviani del Dal mondo delle idee, insieme a Ettore Spalletti e Mario Ceroli a Pescara, anche i grandi prototipi di arredi d’arte di Laura Grisi, Enrico Job, Concetto Pozzati e Paolo Scheggi, e le mostre nello spazio espositivo del Bagno Borbonico di Luciano Fabro, Jannis Kounellis, Ettore Spalletti, Mario Merz, Francesco Lo Savio e Vettor Pisani. Sulla scena romana, Gino De Dominicis, Gerhard Richter, Giulio Paolini, Sol LeWitt, Gilbert&George, Franz West, Isa Genzken, Dan Graham, e altri, 61 mostre organizzate nella Galleria Pieroni in via Panisperna dal 1979 al 1992, punto di riferimento per la comunità artistica italiana e internazionale. A congiungere le due città, 12 frammenti letterari scritti dal regista e produttore cinematografico Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani.

Copertina rigida: 524 pagine
Editore: Di Paolo; Prima Edizione edizione (1 febbraio 2016)
Lingua: Multilingue (IT-ENG)
ISBN-10: 889767609X
ISBN-13: 978-8897676096



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