30/05/2012 - 28/09/2012







RAM radioartemobile – Via Conte Verde 15 – Rome



Opening 30 May, 19.00


Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday 16.30 – 19.30

until 31 July 2012

Tuesday to Saturday 16.30 to 19.30 and by appointment



PROMEMORIA (MEMORANDUM) is born from the wish to show today works of art created in specific exhibitive occasions that are distant in time. This project is measured with the inattention that sharply distances the recent past. The spatial and exhibitive module of Camere, which accommodates PROMEMORIA (MEMORANDUM), is like a device amplifying the capabilities and the present installation of the exhibition, created in dialogue with the artists, is an occasion to create new encounters and other visions.


The piece by Marco Bagnoli re-proposes part of the installation of La macchina stanca. Tre tentativi di fermare il tempo (The Tired Machine. Three Attempts to Stop Time) held in the Pieroni Gallery in 1983. The piece arose with precise articulation and temporal arrangement set within the sixty-four wooden shapes, dislocated in their space and that, in their conformation, multiplied and enhanced the visual possibilities of the viewer.

Mobile? is a piece created by Bruna Esposito in 2005 on the occasion of Accumulazioni (Accumulations), a project curated by Zerynthia, at Palazzo Lantieri in Gorizia. Conceived as a station for the live broadcast of RAM, the installation occupies its space like a dialogical articulation, in full consonance with the communicative amplification of the radio.

La Stanza delle Tazze (The Room of the Cups) by Remo Salvadori, exhibited in the Pieroni Gallery in 1986, played with the volume of its flat surfaces, halfway between full and empty, between the simplicity of the forms and their dissolution into the space. In the energy that is created at the moment of interaction between the location and gaze of the viewer, Salvadori’s Cups are the possibility of a diverse and divided attention.


With this new critical/exhibitive project RAM intends to expand the concept of exhibition and render viewing and conception problematic in a search that favours multiple directions to a sole linear director.

Critical text by Maura Favero.

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