RE-SOUNDSCAPE | A call – Scuola Fuori Norma


RE-SOUNDSCAPE | A call – Scuola Fuori Norma


Scuola FuoriNorma’s La scatola dei suoni [The box of sounds] is the school’s sound archive, which for over 20 years has gathered field-recordings and other types of recordings.
Over the course of the years students from the Academies of Fine Arts of Catania and Palermo have created many soundscape compositions in the context of the subjects that I teac, each lasting 60 or 120 seconds, editing their recordings or using sound effects from specific cds. The teaching section of the archive continues to gather these works.

The idea behind Re-soundscape is that authors choose and adopt tracks created by the Academy students – in this way they become a precious fertilizer for the imagination – and they place them within new sound compositions of variable duration.
The only rule is to not alter technically in any way the original compositions, which can, however, be layered with other sound.
The Re-soundscape compositions will be collected in numbered volumes and bit by bit broadcast by Radio Ciroma, RAM radioartemobile and other networks.

The initial deadline has been set for June 30th

Interested authors can receive material by writing to:

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