Woolways- a producers and artists network

30/12/1999 - 30/12/2001

Zerynthia has been one of the platforms of Woolways – a producers and artists network. Woolways is a project aimed to raising art to connect art with life, art, the economy, the arts and politics, going through the motions of real artists enterprises Europe. Woolways intended to act as an instrument of mediation between the two environments that are difficult points of contact and collaboration opportunities. Suggesting a strengthening of business development strategies based on the use of creativity and the power of visionary art, Woolways was offering its resources and its experience by encouraging meetings between managers and artists of all nationalities and generation, between the company and the operators of the art, to exchange expertise in the vision of a collaboration on specific projects specifically designed for the individual companies. Woolways propostas has an opening to the contemporary, emphasizing the importance of creating a network of relationships between private production and public body, in which art takes over the function of adhesive.
Founding members:
Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (I)
Dena Foundation, Paris (F)
New York (U.S.A)
Kunsthalle Lophem, Brugge (B)
Diethelm Stoller, University of Lueneburg (D)
U.R., Paris (F)
Zerynthia, Rome (I)

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