Manifesto bianco

10/03/2006 - 14/03/2006

    Radioartemobile is pleased to present ‘Manifesto Bianco ’ by Emilio Prini, and Sound Pieces at Diapason gallery, New York. Emilio Prini (b.1943) is one of the key figures in the Arte Povera movement. Prini’s emphasis is on concepts and ideas recasting traditional form and meaning. His works mostly remain as projects, “hypothetical actions”. Emilio Prini’s Manifesto Bianco, is part of a project realised in 1981 at the Pieroni Gallery in Rome. “The world for Prini is held up by the void” (Germano Celant, Arte Povera, 1968) Together with Manifesto Bianco, SoundArtMuseum will present a selection of sound pieces by chosen artists: Vito Acconci, Bruna Esposito, Dan Graham, Phill Niblock, Annie Ratti, Michael J.Schumacher and Stephen Vitiello, all representing an area of research between sound and vision. Sound Pieces is curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Cesare Pietroiusti and Riccardo Giagni.

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