Martha Herford

07/05/2005 - 07/05/2005

 We don’t need another hero… Quando gli eroi diventano anonimi

In occasion of the exhibition (My private) HEROES held in the new Museum of Contemporary Art Marta Herford, designed by Frank O. Gehry and under the artistic direction of Jan Hoet, a live broadcast of RAM www.radioartemobile.it will take place. The artist Jimmie Durham has created for Herford a special space for RAM to take up and stimulate the discussion. Artists and curators, both present in the museum and via phone, will broadcast live from the microphones of RAM. The debate is dialectical in its approach to the content of the exhibition and emphasizes the transformed range and aspiration of art and culture in general.

The artists Maja Bajevic, Jochen Gerz, Lucy Orta, Cesare Pietroiusti and Fiona Tan will be present in long distance connections from other countries. Roberto Pinto and Emanuela De Cecco will direct and coordinate the meeting.

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