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– 2° Incontro NOW / 2nd NOW Meeting
  Roma – 16-17-18 /10/2015 – ASCOLTA / LISTEN

On 16-18 October 2015 Zerynthia, comparable to a homepage, opened its spaces to the second NOW network meeting.
NOW’s desire is to reinforce and amplify communication between young curators / artists / students through the creation of a work group made up of participants of the various Academies and Cultural Institutions.
Through the network, it’s possible to recreate an original public made up of the players themselves.
Let us imagine the participants as viral elements capable of launching, through confrontation, new possibilities and positive contaminations.
During the meeting the group worked on spontaneous vocabulary, using a childhood game.
Words proposed by all the participants give life to a work in progress that will be developed the coming months.

Participants: Sara Aloisi / Dario Agati / Nico Angiuli / Darcey Bennett / Santo Alessandro Badolato / Camilla Carè / Cecilia Casorati / Nico Dockx / Franca Ermini /  Alexis Gautier / Karolina Lusikova / Daniele Maffeis / Barbara Nardacchione / OUT44 / Francesca Pellicci / Laura Stancanelli / Elisabetta Tacconelli

Coordination del meeting:
Zerynthia – Associazione per l’Arte Contemporanea (Roma)
Operative Network:
Cecilia Casorati / Accademia Belle Arti di Roma – Dip. di Comunicazione e Didattica (Roma)
Giovanni Iovane / Accademia di Brera – Dip. di Comunicazione e Didattica (Milano)
Annie Ratti  / Fondazione Antonio Ratti – CSAV / Artists Research Laboratory (Como)
Lorenzo Benedetti
Dirk Snauwaert /Caroline Dumalin  / WIELS – Centre d’Art Contemporain (Bruxelles)
New attendees:
Giuliana Setari / Dena Foundation – Art Omi International Artists Residency (Omi – New York)
Domenico D’Orsogna / Università degli Studi di Sassari –  DECA Master (Sassari)
Nico Dockx / Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Anversa)
Accademia di Belle Arti (L’Aquila)

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