Sound Corner/13 Cristiano Luciani

Sound Corner space at Auditorium
01/05/2014 - 31/05/2014

    Sound Corner / 13

    May 2014
    Auditorium – Parco della Musica Roma

    RAM radioartemobile presents:

    Cristiano Luciani
    Enter the Void, 2014
    10′ loop

    Enter the Void is a composition executed with analog and digital synthesizers, effects and natural sounds. Floating atmospheric, abstract sounds blend with those of field recordings, creating a fascinating and evocative cinematic soundscape. The music is designed to immerse the individual in a dreamy, hypnotic and visionary atmosphere. The work is defined in the listener’s imagination through the complex material and pictorial layering of the frequencies, conjuring sensations, visions and memories of the soul.

    Cristiano Luciani was born in Rome, Italy, in 1976. He is a sound and visual artist and he works and lives in Rome and Berlin. He has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome; in later years, he began realizing super 8 film and digital video work in which he synthesizes his visual and sonic experience and research. He composed and performed music for theatre productions, contemporary ballet and live film scorings, along with the soundtracks of his own film and video production. His visual and sound artwork has been exhibited in different contexts and festivals throughout Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, China and South America. He has collaborated and played with musicians and artists from different cultures and art scenes as Merzbow/Masami Akita, KK Null/Kazuyuki Kishino, MB/Maurizio Bianchi, Phil Minton, Keiko Higuchi, Sachiko, Michiko Hirayama, Hamayoko/Yoko Higashi, Gene Coleman, Eugene Chadbourne, Luca Miti, ZimmerFrei and Mimmo Paladino.

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