Accademia Belgica

30/10/2001 - 29/03/2002

In the exhibitions which were held at the Accademia Belgica in Rome, where the sensitivity shown towards the setting and the unselfconscious attitude towards its historical hinterland go hand in hand.

Zerynthia wished to couple the four rooms at the Belgium Academy featuring Jan Fabre (October – November, 2001), Vettor Pisani (December 2001), Luigi Ontani (January 2002) and Emilio Prini (March 2002) with a homage to Tano Festa, an emblematic figure, ever ready to absorb the symbols of the modern epoch and deeply polemical where the affirmed sanctuaries of art are concerned.

Artists have always considered their fathers, but often this has entailed a mixture of obsequiousness and competition, and so homage is counterbalanced by the denunciation of the missing model.



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