RAM Radioartemobile

02/07/2002 - 30/12/2050

RAM radioartemobile is an attempt to found a community based on listening. RAM is the desire to work on the senses and to make a different kind of art practicable, an art perceivable through hearing rather than one to be captured by the eyes. This is sounds which reveal the live nature of events and which grows during the listening process. Not reception but interception, in a place which has been specifically dedicated to this. RAM is the desire to become a presence open to a different type of perception and after having inhabited all the possible visible means of communication, chooses to reveal itself through sounds. Sound is a concrete deviant possibility, precisely thanks to its non-visible essence. It is now autonomous, as it is not a post-scoring, a sound track. It talks about us but does not want to use words, it wants to be persuasive but does not accept the use of music. If we want works as transparent as thoughts, then the best means to achieve this seems to be through a sound that can invade our space and which becomes the setting.

We are its vehicle and we become the subject of a different communication. RAM is a project selected by the European Commission within the framework of "Culture 2000, specific, innovative and/or experimental actions". Partner leader: Zerynthia, Italy EU partners: Museum in Progress, Austria, Färgfabriken, Sweden associated partner: Moderna Galerija, Slovenia, Università di Siena, Dipartimento Scienze delle Comunicazioni

Events archive 2002

december 31: New Year’s Eve from Capalbio, Tuscany, with Jannis Kounellis, Fabio Mauri, Mimma Pisani, Vettor Pisani, and on the phone Mario Merz, Luca Maria Patella, Emilio Prini, conducted by Federico Fusi

december 10: University of Siena, Pietro Capogrosso, prof. ass. scuola di anatomia artistica – Accademia Belle Arti di Brera , Milano and Marco Cianciotta, prof. ass. cattedra di decorazione – Accademia Belle Arti , Sassari, conducted by Federico Fusi

november 25: in cooperation with S.M.A.K., Gent, conversation between Federico Fusi, Jan Hoet and Martha Herford director. interview with Jan Hoet and in telephone connection from Stockholm Jan Aman. Donatella Spaziani (poetry : Angela Spaziani / recording:voice exercise of "Ottetto della notte")

november 23: on occasion of "Stockholm at the large", in cooperation with Färgfabriken, Stockholm: Joachim Granit – artist (cd sound-interview), Jan Aman – curator/director Färgfabriken (interview), Eva Asp – director Midlanda Konsthall (interview), Shukit Panmongkol – artist /coordinator (telephone talk from Bangkok with Surasi Kusolwong), Thomas Lundh – administrator Färgfabriken (interview)

november 20: University of Lueneburg, with prof. Diethelm Stoller, department of cultural politics, Germany

november 15: on occasion of the opening of "(Un)painted" (1) (2), Ljubljana, in cooperation with Moderna Galerja, conducted by Lorenzo Benedetti

november 6: Nicoletta Agostini and Marco Brosolo "I wonder", Domenico Mangano "Max serietà no perditempo", and Daniele Puppi "Da fatica n°14", French Academy Villa Medici, Rome, curated by Maria Rosa Sossai

october 28: Franz West and the architect Heidulf Gerngross in dialogue, Venice University, conducted by prof. Angela Vettese

october 28: S. Andrea Hospital, Rome, on occasion of "Colors from the mediterranean sea", conducted by Antonio Trimani

october 26: (1- Mihael Milunovic) (2- Vladimir Nikolic) (3- Stefan Vukovic) (4- Tania Ostojic) in occasion of "Steirischer Herbst", in cooperation with Rotor, conducted by Angela Serino, Balkan Konsulat", Graz

october 9: Elisabetta Benassi "Lapsus", Donatella Landi "Le dessin du son", Dafni/Papadatos "Ram edit", Carola Spadoni "Radio edit: radio punto zero", Rialtosantambrogio, Rome, curated by Maria Rosa Sossai

october 8: Cesare Pietroiusti "Pensiero unico (uniform thought)", Rome, curated by Maria Rosa Sossai

september 28: Juan Esteban Sandoval "Territorio fluttuante", with the intervention of Enver Hadziomèrspahic, Teresa Alonso Novo, Michelangelo Pistoletto, ‘Cittadellarte’ Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella

september 8-12: Arselectronica, Linz, conducted by Angela Serino

july 23: Edito-Inedito, Achille Bonito Oliva and Vettor Pisani, with Alberto Garutti, Luigi Ontani, Alfredo Pirri, Mimma Pisani, Maria Thereza Alves and Anri Sala, Achille Bonito Oliva radio speech, Jimmie Durham sings deadcowboy and opera, conversation between Jimmie Durham and Federico Fusi, Federico Fusi about ramcar project, Gérald Gaudet, Daniele Pieroni, Mimma Pisani, Luca Vitone sound project, conversation between Luca Vitone and Maria Rosa Sossai

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