2. Appointment D/A/C Shared Artistic Denomintion

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16/03/2012 - 16/03/2012

2. Appointment D/A/C Shared Artistic Denomintion

16th March  2012, 16.30

Latemar Hall – Fiera di Bolzano

On March 16th in the Latemar Hall at the Fair of Bolzano, RAM radioartemobile promotes and organizes the second D/A/C meeting: a round table entitled PRODUCERS vs ARTISTS. Artists Gianfranco Baruchello, Rainer Ganahl and Daniele Puppi, will meet with businessmen: Maurizio De Concini and Ingrid Dellago, administrators of TC Mobility SRL, Franz Viehweider owner of PimpGarage by Vasc. Ital. SAS, Gianfranco Pizzuto (Fisker Italia) and Hugo Götsch president of the association “Südtirol Rad – Bici Alto Adige“.

The encounter is broadcast live on RAM live, RAM radioartemobile‘s web radio, and is available on the website http://live.radioartemobile.it

RAM created the registered trademark D/A/C to create dialogue between different ways of considering the product a common artistic denomination.

The artists present at the debate propose themselves as “idea sponsors” turning the traditional roles between art and business on their heads and overcoming the concept of the sponsor as nothing more than the mere presumption of profit in terms of image. With their creativity the artists can give added value to the business. It is not about turning art into business or business into art: different and common objectives can rise from coexistence and from dialogue between different ways of seeing the product and its diffusion. The presupposition of the encounter is that of creating a network between businesses and artists. From this was born the desire to meet again and to formalise the first round table at the Hotel Hassler in Rome on January 30th by founding a MOBILE CLUB, of which artists and businessmen alike are members, with the common goal of sharing creativity and productive processes. The third D/A/C “Producers vs Artists” meeting will take place on March 31st 2012 at the De Vleeshal Museum in Middelburg, Holland around a table created by John Kormeling.


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