9. Appointment D/A/C Shared Artistic Denomination

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25/09/2012 - 25/09/2012

In the Memory of Water

9. Appointment D/A/C Shared Artistic Denomination

September 25th 2012 18.30 p.m.

MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome
Via Nizza, 138 – Rome

In the Memory of Water, the ninth D/A/C appointment, curated by RAM radioartemobile and in collaboration with Mineracqua.

The encounter is a shared project involving artists and Italian producers of mineral water under the label of a Common Artistic Denomination.

Created by RAM radioartemobile, the D/A/C brand was born in order to promote moments of confrontation between artists and businessmen for the promotion of new business models and new ideas that stem from art and reach industrial projects, with the aim of identifying and communicating with a common language through a mobile club that moves in space and time. The artists attending the debate present themselves as “idea sponsors” turning the traditional roles between art and business upside down.

The theme, the memory of water, comes from the title of the text written by Mauro Favero for Promemoria (Memorandum), an exhibition at the RAM offices, in which three works that had been exhibited in three different occasions distant in time, La Stanza delle Tazze (The Room of the Cups), 1985, by Remo Salvadori, La macchina stanca. Tre tentativi di fermare il tempo (The Tired Machine. Three Attempts to Stop Time), 1983, by Marco Bagnoli and Mobile?, 2005, by Bruna Esposito, were re-exhibited, suggesting a reflection on the dimension and experience of space and of memory as a way of activating thought.

The observation of the piece always requires an activation of memory. Even more so, adds Remo Salvadori, if we look at works from a few years ago. “We are all in the memory of water”, he said. According to the Japanese writer Masaru Emoto, water, if exposed to the vibrations of music, of thoughts and of words, be they pronounced or written on the container, modifies the structure of its crystals. We, immersed as we are in this liquid, assimilate and conserve the traces of every encounter (an extract from the critical text In the Memory of Water by Maura Favero)

Marco Bagnoli, artist
Gregorio Botta, artist
Bruna Esposito, artist
Pietro Fortuna, artist
Piero Mottola, composer
Annie Ratti, artist
Remo Salvadori, artist
Ettore Fortuna, President Mineracqua
Mario Pieroni, RAM radioartemobile
Moderator: Stefano Chiodi
Coordinator: Maura Favero

In collaboration with
ROMA CAPITALE e MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.

The encounter, which closes the exhibition Promemoria (Memorandum), opened on May 30th at the RAM offices Via Conte Verde, 15 Rome, is broadcast on http://live.radioartemobile.it/, RAM’s web radio.

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