CAMERE XIII Invitation
28/09/2010 - 27/11/2010

For the first time, the customary instalment of CAMERE multiplies three by three. Indeed, this time there are nine artists invited to share the spaces at RAM. A composer, a poet and a visual artist for each room, three separate and autonomous worlds that create a living organism according to cadences in each common space. The reiteration of the breath of art is insinuated in the three worlds, in the recreated universe, acquiring and yielding energy. With each step it is time that dictates the rules, holder of the idea that everything returns, always yet never the same, unto itself, beating and modulating the rhythms that are indispensable to life.

RAM, confirming its attention to interdisciplinary experimentation, offers its spaces for dialogue between Enrico Castellani, Riccardo Giagni and Valerio Magrelli (Room I), Bizhan Bassiri, Giorgio Battistelli and Gabriella Sica (Room II), Carlo Crivelli, Thierry De Cordier and Daniele Pieroni (Room III).
Together music, writing and visual art – cells that are in themselves self-sufficient and capable of producing powerful energy – touching and penetrating each other, becoming enriched and complete with visual and sonar vibrations as if in a process of nucleosynthesis, similar to what took place in the famous “three minutes” following the Big Bang.


Opening 28th September 2010 at 7 pm

until 27th November 2010

RAM radioartemobile - via Conte Verde 15, Rome

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