Camere 1 cover image
07/12/2005 - 28/06/2014

An open space, first and foremost. Room: space/room. Empty but available – well-disposed, actually. A space inviting you to mobilize, to pass into and through it. In short, a space to move about in. And one that allows movement; that is enough anyway – enough room to move. Inevitably one recalls certain rooms of Beckett’s – the square space traversed by unremitting motion, which scrupulously avoids the centre however – a periphery of bare human motion. The goal seems to be to use up the space, to exhaust its possibilities: therein one obtains, exhausted, utter depletion, even of oneself…

A space to move about in, but also one to move – a space waiting for a move, the next move, like in games played out on the square, constrained field of a chessboard: your move! Confrontational field, dialectical field, battlefield, governed by rules of commitment, by rules of engagement: a military camp where troops are quartered. Strategic space

Riccardo Giagni

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