CAMERE V: Finissage

17/04/2008 - 24/04/2008



Luigi Ontani & Elisabetta Benassi

Vettor Pisani & Mimma Pisani

Emilio Prini & Donatella Scalesse

Thursday 17 April 2008 at 7 pm, RAM radioartemobile celebrates the closing of CAMERE V, a three-room exhibition that opened in January and presented the works: Ready Made Mistico (2007) by Vettor Pisani, RagaRugaRogo (1998/2006) by Luigi Ontani, and Il vuoto (The Void, 2007) by Emilio Prini. For the show’s finissage, the three protagonists of Camere’s fifth edition host, in their respective rooms, works by the two established artists Elisabetta Benassi and Donatella Scalesse and by poet Mimma Pisani.

In the first room, Vettor Pisani and Mimma Pisani radically re-elaborate the previous installation, presenting simultaneously the bulimic Pranzo di Marta (2005), a video directed by Mimma Pisani, and a new, ironic and complex installation by Vettor Pisani.

On display in Luigi Ontani’s room is instead Elisabetta Benassi’s Sud. The work is a photographic image of the interior of Panoramicar (2000), a minibus modified with various high-tech devices, which was one of the major installations of the project “Verso Sud”. The modifications made on the vehicle were conceived to strengthen and amplify its possibilities for use, and to transform the experience of the journey into a symbolic crossing of the imagery relating to travel and memory.

Finally, in the last room, Emilio Prini’s Il vuoto is occupied by five large acrylic paintings by Donatella Scalesse, made between 2006 and 2008. The bright colors and whirling patterns of the canvases joyously fill the space, providing a contrast to the silence and suspension of Prini’s previous installation.

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